Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Keggle

So we just added a new piece to the arsenal. It's not the most beautiful kettle out there but it will get the job done. I had to add an extra washer to the outside of the ball valve because I accidentally drilled the hole too large. I compressed the gasket on the outside of the keg and no leaks. Brewed with this kettle last Sunday and it works like a champ.
Converted Keg
Angle grinder to make the cut
Ball Valve and Sight Glass
Drilled Holes
Installed valve and siphon tube.
Installed valve and sight glass

All conversion hardware was purchased from for a VERY reasonable price. They don't have the weldless valve kits up yet, but let Bobby know what you're trying to do and he can probably help you out. Check out his YouTube channel as well. Brewing with Bobby from NJ. He has some great videos on brewing and installation of his hardware.

My total investment for this kettle was around $75.00! Not bad at all.


  1. Wow, 75 bucks isn't too shabby.
    Looks like I need one.

  2. I want a beer right now ];)

  3. Nice tip! Thanks for sharing this. Following!

  4. nice, followed :)

  5. i am impressed. i want one. even though i dont have anywhere to put it. are u going to stick that in a fridge?

  6. Yeah, I'm working on new material right now. I plan on posting something once a week now tat my homebrewing has picked back up. Should be some good stuff coming.

  7. If you could find someone who knows how to decorate things, I bet he could make your Keggle even better. Like putting wood around it or some painting, I don't know, but I think it could be done.
    By the way nice work!

  8. Dude that's awesome... and suddenly I'm thirsty for a drink :P

  9. This is awesome, especially for $75. Thanks for sharing